Korok Breath of the Wild Stud Earrings - 2 sizes!

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Koroks are referred to as children of the forest (or simply "forest kids") and are depicted as playful and child-like. They are spirits who are watched over by the Great Deku Tree. The Koroks appear as little wooden people whose bodies resemble trees, and whose faces are concealed by leaf masks. The masks they wear take on various different shapes based on types of leaves, and have holes in them resembling eyes and a mouth, and occasionally a hole for their noses to fit through. Their bodies make a jingling sound whenever they move. Koroks are also able to fly through the use of propeller Deku Leaves that sprout from their bodies. { Made from 1/8 inch thick wood { Pick between 1/2" tall or 3/4" tall (See last photo for a size guide) { Made with surgical stainless steel posts so they are safe for sensitive ears These earrings come shipped in a little gift box with lots of bubble wrap and care so as not to get damaged as it makes it's way to you. All items are made to order and ship within 3-5 business days.